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Design of systems and their subsystems

  • System concept development
  • Technical project development
  • Design development

If there are the statement of works and documents on the technical requirements for the designed systems and subsystems the team of our specialists can start implementing innovative project.

 The first step in the designing is the formation of a document of the matrix of conformity with optimization of design and technical capabilities to fulfill the technical requirements of the Customer.

Thanks to years of experience, our specialists have the skills of a systematic approach and take into accounts all the versatile technical aspects and design features that are developing. For solving tasks, we use complex design methods and take into account all the necessary factors and their cause-effect relationships. There aren’t insignificant questions or insoluble moments in solving this or that problem for us.




Development of systems (subsystems), elements and units

With the help of software modeling systems SkyEnergy specialists design systems and subsystems based on qualitatively optimized design initial dates. As a result of the analysis of existing production technologies and structural materials, 3D models of systems and parts are creating.



Strength analyses

With the help of applications, strength experts can build finite element model for further analysis. Determining the stress-strain state of structural elements and the whole system is an integral task for the final confirmation of the correctness of the design decisions will be made before the stage of manufacturing units in the production.


  • Creation of finite element models
  • Dynamic analysis
  • Modal analysis
  • The Craig-Bampton method application
  • CLA Implementation



Thermal analysis of systems and their components

SkyEnergy specialists of heat develop thermal models for launch vehicles and spacecraft. The thermal model is developed in accordance with the model of the product or taking into account the design features of the payload. It is also possible to develop complex thermal models with the use of existing thermal models of Customers.

The complex thermal model that is developing for the calculation of the thermal conditions of the spacecraft can consist of a number of submodules consisting of structural elements of products.




Development of pneumo-hydraulic systems and their calculations

Our hydraulics specialist has many years of practical experience and methods of calculating pneumo-hydraulic systems, analysis and modeling of gas-hydraulic processes.

  • Design, analysis, hydraulic and cold gas systems optimization
  • Design and optimization of pumps and turbines
  • Board liquid and gas storage systems modernization, development a program model of system
  • Two-phase injection optimization
  • Design and development / selection of valve characteristics
  • Design of low pressure fluid transfer systems
  • Technical support and expertise

 Development of testing and ground testing programs

We have experience in conducting multi-site ground tests and will provide you with technical documentation for functional, strength and pneumatic testing. Cost optimization for one or another type of test will allow you to significantly reduce cost before implementing a project. We will also provide a qualitative analysis of the results of the ground testing experinces.

The product developer must demonstrate that the characteristics of the system or assembly perform the technical requirements, by calculation or by ground testing.

Qualification and acceptance tests of the system for mechanical loads are carried out in accordance with the developed test plan. It is allowed to conduct qualification tests on the model of the assembly, which is identical in its mass-inertial and stiffness characteristics. Acceptance tests are carried out on a serial sample. Qualification tests must be carried out before the start of acceptance tests. Acceptance tests are completed before the product will be delivered to the customer.

Also, our experts will analyze the “notching” procedures for you regarding their feasibility and affordability. We can help coordinate the notching program with partners and the Customer.

Thus we can offer:

  •   A ground test plan development
  • Programs of acceptance and qualification tests development
  •  Development of programs for  pneumatic and hydraulic systems ground tests
  • Notching program development

Implementation of an innovative project

The analise of the possibility technical implementation of an innovative project at an early stage and before its start are the key to the success of future developments. We offer you the development of technical documentation and engineering analytical materials for the successful implementation of your projects.

Qualified engineering approach and quality execution of a complex of analytical work by our specialists will give you the opportunity with high probability and accuracy to evaluate the outlook of your project.

We can offer next services:

  • Detailed analysis of the system and subsystems
  • Verification of relevant specifications
  • Organization of major  components procurement
  • Comprehensive engineering system
  • Optimization of production technologies
  • Testing and verification of System



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