Adapters, separation systems and its components.

Adapters, separation systems and its components

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This section presents developments on the main types of tools for integrating payload into the LV. Products are presented for information only. For a more detailed description, please contact us.


Single Payload Adapters, Multi payload Adapters and Plates

Our team members, who have over 15 years of experience in integrating payloads from 10 to 1500 kg into launch vehicles, carry on designing, analyzing, testing and manufacturing of Single Payload Adapters, Multi Payload Adapters and Plates for spacecraft of different classes. If it is not possible to apply existing developments, the development of the adapter is performed according to the Customer's technical task for a specific mission. The implementation of the project includes:

- requirements analysis;

- development of conceptual solutions;

- multi-criteria assessment and selection of a working version;

- analysis of static and dynamic strength;

- participation in the test program development and test conduction;

        - technical support during operations at launch base.


ClampBand Separation Systems

   Currently SkyEnergy is developing a 15” ClampBand Separation System. The specified profile of characteristics of the payload CoG for the designed device is shown in the figure below. The main feature of the development concept is not to use pyrotechnic devices and reduce the cost of the finished product in relation to analogs. Various principles of construction of Release Devices such as lever, collet and ball mechanisms are considered.


    As a part of the separation system development, options of using lever and ball activation mechanisms involving the use of kinematic pairs are currently being considered. For example, devices that are based on the SE.SP02.002 Release Mechanism.


Point Separation/Release Devices 

Within the scope of the development of systems like ClampBand, point-like hold-down and separation mechanisms are studied, based on various methods of creating a control force for the locking mechanisms. The main design concept - not to use pyroelements as much as possible - is preserved. This fact reduces the cost and hazard class of finished devices. At the same time, where it cannot be avoided, the company provides the development of pyro-locks using actuators of European and Ukrainian production.


SE.SP02.002  Release Mechanism

A variant of mechanism for use with 15 ”ClampBand separation system (SE.SC01.001). Pyrotechnics is not used. Provides retention of banding bands in flight and their separation on a signal of the control system. The design bearing capacity is 1.5 kN. At the moment, it is in the stage of operability analysis.

SE.SP02.003 Release Mechanism

Ball-type locking mechanism. It can be used as Release Mechanism for separation systems, or independently. The maximum design axial load is 1000N. The composition does not include pyro elements.





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