Low-Thrust Propulsion Module. Orbital Parameters Analyses.

Low-Thrust Propulsion Module. Ballistic support of the mission

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Taking into account the developments in different areas of activity and the needs of customers, we decided to join forces and focus on the development of low-thrust modules. 

Cold Gas Propulsion Module

 The Cold Gas Propulsion Module is a versatile system allowing small satellites to perform:

  • Constellation deployment and formation flights;

  • Stabilization by pitch, yaw and roll channels;

  • Orbital maneuvering;

  • Synchronization and positioning of communication equipment and payload instruments;

  • De-orbiting at the end of the mission and other functions.

Ballistic support of the mission

Tasks solved by SkyEnergy specialists for ballistic support of the mission are:

  • Selection and justification of the control object injection scenario;

  • At the initial design stages –  clarification of control object main characteristics, that are responsible for its energy characteristics;

  • Formation of requirements for the control system based on the mission ballistic analysis;

  • Ballistic support of the control object at all stages of its life cycle:

  • Selection of parameters of nominal injection trajectories;

  • Assessment of energy characteristics of the controlled object;

  • Determination of centers of separating parts drop zones;

  • Assessment of flight performance reserve;

  • Development of methods for iterative guidance of the control objects in order to improve the spacecraft injection accuracy and etc.



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