Performing of design, analysis and analytical works.

Performing of design, analysis and consulting works

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Strength analyses

Determining the stress-strain state of structural elements and the whole system is an integral task for the final confirmation of the design decisions correctness. It has to be done before the production phase. 

Using engineering software, our experts build a finite-element model taking into account the geometric features of the structure, various properties of materials and the stiffness of joints. In more details, research areas of the stress-strain state of structures are:

·       Study of the stress-strain state in a linear formulation, as well as taking into account geometric and physical nonlinearity;

·       Structural buckling analysis taking into account geometric and physical nonlinearity;

·       Analysis of the thermal state of structures. Determination of the stress-strain state under thermal loads action in a linear formulation and taking into account the plastic state of the material;

Study of the non-stationary thermally stressed state (analysis of the transient process), determination of the dynamic thermal and stress-strain state.


Directions of activities:

 1.    Rocketry structure elements: Payload and aerodynamic fairings, dry and adapter bays (including frame structures), adapters, dispensers, mechanical payload separation systems;

2. Rocketry elements operating on internal and external overpressure: fuel compartments, spherical balloons of pneumatic / hydraulic systems, bellows and fuel lines;

3. Elements of ground support equipment: compartments and hold-down mechanisms, transport frames, launch pads, transport and launch containers, transport rings;

4. Stand equipment and technological test equipment: structural mockups, test benches, traverses, tilters, transport trolleys;

 5. «Clamp band» separation systems.     


Dynamic loads and strength analyses

In order to assess the dynamic loads impact on the structure, the following analyses should be performed: 

· Determination of natural frequencies and vibration modes;

·  A proper reduction of a finite-element model;

·  Coupled Dynamic Load Analysis (launch vehicle + spacecraft) and determination of relative displacements;

·  Analysis of shock and acoustic loads, an assessment of the notching procedure necessity;

·    Analysis of sinusoidal and random loads, simulation of vibration tests and vibration strength analysis. 



Results of analyses listed above are used for test programs development and for reliable evaluation of test results.


Development of testing programs

We have experience in conducting multi-site ground tests and will provide you with technical documentation for functional, strength and pneumatic testing. Cost optimization for one or another type of test will allow you to significantly reduce cost before implementing a project. We will also provide a qualitative analysis of the test results.






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