Our company has the ability to develop conceptual projects, preliminary projects and all the necessary technical documentation in the following areas:

  •  assembling and testing facilities for the preparation of spacecraft and encapsulated payload modules, assembling of light, medium and heavy launch vehicles;
  •  the development and production of spacecraft filling systems, development of special emplacement equipment, tilters, lifting devices and assembly stands;
  •  the development and production of support systems for supplying compressed gases and fuel components;
  •   special crane and installation equipment for overall units;
  •  the design of storage and gasification stations for liquid nitrogen and oxygen;
  •  systems of guaranteed power supply on the ground complex structures;
  • comprehensive electrical inspections of payload modules and spacecraft, including high-frequency interfaces and telemetry control systems.

SkyEnergy offers engineering services in the development of systems of compressed gas production and provision. As well as designing storage and gasification stations for liquid nitrogen and oxygen. The company uses components both of its own design or of global manufacturers.



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