Adapters, separation systems and components

Adapters, dispensers, and payload separation systems for launch vehicles are among numerous of mission-critical systems and missions success depends on their reliability. SkyEnergy team has over 14 years of experience in integration from 10 to 1500 kg payloads into launch vehicles and carries out design, analysis, testing, and manufacturing of Single Payload Adapters, Multi Payload Adapters (Plates), and Dispensers for spacecraft of different classes.

Adapters, MultiFunctional Adaptive Modules (MFAMs)

Adapters are structural elements, designed to securely install payloads onto a launch vehicle and ensure their reliable deployment into orbit. We design exclusive adapters for specific missions and unified designs. MFAM was designed to enable launch of spacecraft, which was not designed to be exposed to loads of the Falcon 9. MFAM’s flight history started from SpaceX “Transporter-3” mission.

Dispensers, Multi Payload Plates

Dispenser systems are used for multiple satellite launches. Dispensers allow installation onto a launch vehicle and separation a group of spacecraft in orbit during one mission. In addition to dispenser systems SkyEnergy has developed special multi payload plates that allow accommodation of multiple CubeSats deployers on a single Falcon 9 ESPA port during “Transporter-1” and “Transporter-3” missions.

Separation systems

We understand the importance and difficulty of creating own separation systems. Therefore, our company is currently developing several types of spacecraft separation systems:
- Low shock point separation systems;
- ClampBand separation system family.
15" ClampBand is currently being manufactured to start qualification tests.

Actuators and release mechanisms

If you don’t need the entire separation system, but only some of its elements, such as actuators or release mechanisms, SkyEnergy develops and manufactures these devices.
The main feature of these devices development is not to use pyrotechnic devices and reduce the cost of the end product in relation to analogs.
At the moment, we are manufacturing pneumatic locks for functional testing.
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