Mechanical ground support equipment

This section presents the capabilities of the company in the design and manufacture of ground support equipment for integrating PL into LV, but is not limited to the shown ones. For a more detailed description, please contact us.

SkyEnergy designs and manufactures a full range of ground support equipment to provide operations with our products, as well as with the Customer's products according to the technical specifications.

Product nomenclature:

-  lifting devices for products;

-  stands for assembling  and payload integration; 

- rigging and crane equipment with a wide range of carrying capacity;

- support equipment for testing (including dummies and installation aids for test equipment);

- non-standard equipment for a wide range of operations.


Cantilever cranes
Designed for installation in enclosed facilities and in open areas.
They can be made wall-mounted cantilever cranes (stationary and mobile) or column-mounted cranes. Can be with both electric and manual slewing gear, complete with manual or electric hoist, available in fireproof version.
Q = 0,5-5t
Overhead cranes
Can be made in general-purpose design or in special design with a wide range of carrying capacity:
-magnetic Q = 5-20t
-grab cranes Q = 3,2-20t
The crane is supplied with the complete electrical installation of control cabinets, control assembly of metal structures, and running idle of all the mechanisms.
We offer for sale high-quality and reliable electric wire rope hoists, mobile and stationary hoisting height from 3 to 80m.
In a variety of designs: general industrial, explosion-proof, marine, dustproof with a high degree of IP, to work in an environment with low temperature, chemically aggressive environment, mobile and stationary, with a normal and reduced height of the building.
Q = 1-50t
Our lifting traverses can be used for lifting long and non-standard cargos and for lifting cargos where there are height limitations.

All equipment is manufactured with modern control systems that provide accurate positioning, work at reduced speeds, smooth start and stop, remote control of the crane.

What does it give to the Customer?:

- minimal risks during the integration and coupling of the payload at all operational stages, without exception;

- receiving equipment with a full package of technical documentation, including an integration program, taking into account all the nuances of joint operations;

- minimum time and cost expenses by reducing the risks of non-conjugation of products and support equipment.

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