Every product developer must prove that product’s characteristics meet technical requirements, via analysis or testing.


We do:  

  • test plans development;
  • development of programs for acceptance and qualification tests, including pneumatic and hydraulic systems testing;
  • necessity analysis for notching procedure for vibration test.

SkyEnergy has experience in conducting ground tests and development of technical documentation for functional, strength and pneumatic testing. We use cost optimization for any type of tests, which allows to significantly reduce costs before implementing a project. We also carry out a qualitative analysis of test results. 


SkyEnergy participated in Transporter-1, Transporter-3 missions of SpaceX on Falcon 9 launch vehicle, and other launches of wide class payloads. For all those missions SkyEnergy carried out full cycle of analyses and ground testing. Joint tests were carried out both at Airbus and at the experimental base of Yuzhnoye State Design office.

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