Launch intergration

SkyEnergy members have experience in rideshare and dedicated launch missions. We are ready to provide a full range of services to support launch missions in accordance with the Customer's expectations. Services include, but are not limited to the following:

Engineering and testing servises

SkyEnergy can help our Customers in conducting the full

complement of launch integration analysis. We do:

- R&D (more details)

- Hardware Development and Manufacturing 

- Test Campaign Support (more details)


Integration Hardware


We design and manufacture custom hardware solutions for launch

adapting structures, such as:

- Adapters, Dispensers, MPAPs and MFAMs (more details)

- Separation Systems and Components (more details)

- Non-standard Ground Mechanical Support Equipment (more details)

Integration Documentation

Our specialists provide all required documents to ensure launch


- Interface Control Document

- Requirement verifications

- Integration Plan and Procedures

- Logistics

- etc.

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