Launch bases

  • Development of structure and concept of LB by reference to specific features of the launch point and chosen LV;
  • Development of structural diagram design (facilities/buildings and ground support equipment);
  • Development of master plan of the whole launch base (without geodetic surveying and certain territory fixation);
  • Execution of technical and economic analysis of project and its parts;
  • LV assembly and payload integration, integrated LV preparation to launch, launch as well as performance of necessary operations after launch and activities in case of launch cancellation. Development with taking into account operations of LV and operating procedures of payload on launch base.
  • Development of Interface Control Document (ICD) design. Concerning interfaces between elements of LV, payload, integrated LV (with payloads) and estimated ground support equipment/facilities that provide the delivery of LV and payload parts to launch base, LV assembly, launch preparation and carrying out;
  • Realization of operations regarding coupling of designed elements, data analysis and updating of LB concept if needed;
  • Determination of general technological needs for power supply and other resources for operation (water, energy sources, communications), methods of liquid and solid wastes elimination;
  • Estimation of necessity for service equipment (automobile transport, cranes, cars etc.).
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