R&D of systems and subsystems

Every technical idea step by step passes the way from identifying the need and first solutions offer to manufacturing, testing and implementation.

SkyEnergy team has experience in bringing to live of various solutions in space technologies.

For each new task we normally do:

  • Mission analysis
  • Development of requirements specification
  • Preliminary definition
  • Critical definition
  • Qualification and production
  • Delivery with corresponding documentation

The first step in designing is formation of matrix of conformity document with optimization of design and technical capabilities to meet technical requirements of the Customer.

Thanks to years of experience, our specialists have skills of a systematic approach and take into account all versatile technical aspects, design features and cause-effect relationships. There are no significant questions or insoluble tasks for us.


Thermal analysis

SkyEnergy specialists develop thermal models for launch vehicles and spacecraft, taking into account all design features. It is also possible to develop complex thermal models using existing thermal models of the Customer. These complex models can also include a number of submodules, consisting of various structural elements.


Strength analyses

Strength analysis is the final confirmation of the correctness of design solutions. Using engineering software, our experts build a finite-element model which reflects geometric features of the structure, various properties of materials and stiffness of joints.


  1. Rocketry structure elements: Payload and aerodynamic fairings, dry and adapter bays (including frame structures), adapters, dispensers, mechanical payload separation systems;
  1. Rocketry elements operating on internal and external overpressure: fuel compartments, spherical balloons of pneumatic/hydraulic systems, bellows and fuel lines;
  1. Elements of ground support equipment: compartments and hold-down mechanisms, transport frames, launch pads, transport and launch containers, transport rings;
  1. Stand equipment and technological test equipment:  structural mockups, test benches, traverses, tilters, transport trolleys;
  1. «Clamp band» separation systems.   

Vibration strength

In order to assess the dynamic load's impact on the structure, we perform the following analyses: 

  • Modal analysis (determination of natural frequencies and vibration modes);
  • Analysis of shock and acoustic loads,
  • Assessment of notching procedure necessity;
  • Analysis of sinusoidal and random loads, simulation of vibration tests.

Special matters

We also developed unique technics that are applied in aerospace industry, such as:

  • Reduction of a finite-element model (Craig-Bampton method, etc.);
  • Coupled Load Analysis (CLA) and analysis of relative displacements;
  • Determination of input parameters for stabilization controllers;
  • Analysis of rigid body dynamics and transient processes.
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